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September 23 - October 22


Libra Profile: 

Always strives for balance and harmony, compassionate, straightforward, elegant, refined, kind, timid, flirtatious, and opinionated.



Concerned about wearing the right thing, unity is the core of her wardrobe, look must stay balanced and sophisticated, sometimes she prefers to blend into the background, the most tasteful girl in the zodiac, sticks to traditional looks, looking attractive is essential, looks and feels her best in pretty outfits.


LIbra's best colors are beige, grays, pastel shades, softest blues and greens, champagne colors, pearly gray shades, green, pink, purple. Wears colors that blend well with everything.

More on Libra

You are feeling quietly confident in August 2016 and are communicating in a way which means you can make a very good impression on people. You have a fair degree of foresight right now, and that is very useful in giving loved one’s advice. You are feeling brave right now, facing up to things about yourself that you are often in denial about leading to a great surge of confidence!

Libra Casual Fashionscope

Your November Fashionscopes below

The month ahead is prosperous and this is just the beginning. Prosperity will happen for the rest of the year ahead – and well into next year. The financial intuition is excellent. Financial opportunities come as you get involved in charities and altruistic causes. August 2016 is an excellent time for negotiation, group discussions and contractual negotiations.

Libra Career Fashionscope

The love planet Mars leaves your money house on the 2nd and enters the 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests. This gives us many messages. Love is close to home, in the neighbourhood, and there is no need to travel far and wide in search of it. You are probably seeing people outside your normal social sphere this month – but the act. Mars is ‘out of bounds’ from the 9th onwards. Love is good all month but especially on the 30th and 31st. The personal appearance shines then.

Libra Love Fashionscope

Libra Fashionscopes by Stylist Evangelina Rangel

Libra Celebrities:

Hillary Duff, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Simpson

fashionscopesLibrablack libracelebs

Libra, you rule the back and the buttocks, start getting perfect smooth skin this Winter and tone them for the Spring.

Libra Beautyscope

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