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Your own sense of style is important. Aquarius mixes and matches everything and break all fashion rules. Aquarius likes to be different and don’t mind being called quirky or unusual.

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Your ruler is Uranus, your gemstones glass, topaz, and sapphire; your metal is lead.


Aquarius rules the lower leg, ankles, and calves.


Aquarius is also intellectual, logical, sociable, kindhearted, fair, perverse, emotionally detached, rebellious, easy going, with a mind of her own, mysterious, and with an erratic behavior.

Aquarius girls are electric, have a quirky personality, unpredictable thanks to their element air. An Aquarius loves to be in charge.

Aquarius Fashion Style

You think whatever you wear is cool and a statement of who you really are. Jeans, cargoes, and leather pants paired with high-heeled boots will work best for you. Asymmetrical cuts appeal to your offbeat sensibilities. Aquarians love vintage stores and thrifty stores.


You also love to collect fabulous sweaters, hooded pullovers, and coat-length cardigans. Among the mismatched, eclectic, daring garments in your closet, there's probably at least one gown or suit that is perfectly tailored, perfectly elegant and definitely expensive.


The best fabrics for Aquarians are finely woven satin, high tech materials, sheers, leather, vinyl, tropical prints, and glamorous prints. Don’t bulk up your silhouette with heavy fabrics. Aquarians prefer to wear solid blocks of color.

Jewelry: flea market funk, vintage, anything that laces up, antique gold rings and earrings, cameo shockers, turquoise, coral, jade, onyx. You prefer silver and platinum better than bright gold, and anklets


Hair: the change of color will allow you to express yourself  


Handbags: unusual, cheap purses


Face: the makeup you wear is bright, fun, and completely cruelty-free, but if you don't feel like it you don't wear it at all. Cool colors suit better; avoid wearing a lot of foundation, best in a light fresh complexion


Body: vintage belt buckles


Legs: hosiery is important for you


Feet: you are picky about footwear


Hands: natural and trimmed; or painted with a very unnatural looking nail color

Aquarian's Best Accessories

Versace, Betsy Johnson, Anna Sui

Aquarian's Best Designers


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