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Your fashion style is anything that makes you happy; you are not a cheap buyer – you love good quality goods. You routinely buy beautiful clothes and you buy them because you want them.  

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Your ruler is Saturn, your gemstones are the jet, black diamond, onyx, and the ruby; your metal is lead.


You rule the knees, skin, bones, and teeth.


You are also witty, self-disciplined, sexy, organized; however, you can also be aloof, a snob, authoritarian, and egotistical. Let’s also not forget that you are intimidating, seeking stature everywhere, successful, and always on time; approaching life and work with a plan, a purpose, and perseverance.

Capricorn girls are practical, determined and hold great common sense. Your earth element makes you also down to earth and hardworking.

Capricorn Fashion Style

All your clothing is practical (just like you!), and while it may not be the latest cut, it still looks good enough. If the price is right, you’ll go so far as to get your clothing tailored, as long as it retains its timeless style.


Just a few things to keep in mind: steer clear of anything too ruffled and fringed embellished; wear more suits, straight-legged pants, fitted skirts, and well-tailored jackets. And Capricorn, worry about pleasing yourself. For colors avoid pastels; definitely, darker colors are more appealing to you. You enjoy attention getting outfits but not the flashy fashions; understated elegance is your mantra.


The best fabrics for Capricorn are simple; you rarely wear prints or patterns, but use them to jazz it up. You love black leather. Also, glossy fabrics look great on you. Avoid synthetic fabrics.

Jewelry: loves watches, ethnic jewelry suits your sense of style well, you don’t wear much


Hair: keep a good maintained look


Handbags: find a bag that suits your casual style


Makeup: fresh, light


Feet: athletic shoes, casual shoes, rubber-soled shoes fondness, choose footwear based on comfort, rather than fashion, also great for you are hiking boots, sandals


Sunglasses: funky sunglasses


Hands: simple or colored and trimmed

Capricorn's Best Accessories

Tom Ford, Banana Republic, Donna Karan

Capricorn's Best Designers


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