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Your fashion style is youthful and versatile. You are not the one to dress in one style all the time, and especially because you don’t like dress codes.  Since you are by nature adaptable, you adapt well to changing trends; therefore, you can wear anything fashion throws your way.  

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Your ruler is Mercury, your gemstones are alexandrite, agate, aquamarine, and the emerald, and your metal is quicksilver.


You rule the shoulders, hands, and arms.


You are also charming, entertaining, communicative, wise, alert, broad-minded, articulate, and expressive; however, you also get quickly bored and are inconsistent. Balance is essential for you to be peaceful.

Gemini girls have many sides to their personality.  You like being free to move around, thrive on change; and are eager to try anything once. You are dual (good/bad, happy/sad, calm/angry), versatile, liberal, original, and adaptable; like to think and weigh outcomes thanks to their element air.  

Gemini Fashion Style

Your closet is full of clothes for every occasion. Gemini girls like to wear twinsets, active wear, clothes with freedom of movement, school girl looks (oxford shirts, skinny ties, knee socks), clothes embossed with letters, words, or sayings.


Avoid heavy fabrics like velvet, corduroy, thick, and wool knits.

Jewelry: techno-chic jewelry anything that doubles her pleasure, rings, silver jewelry, feathers, fur, flowers, and bangle bracelets


Hair: short, sassy boyish-cuts express on the go lifestyle, avoid big  hairdos, make best blondes, vibrant colors, simple


Handbags: your weakness, they gotta be practical


Face: look at what teens are doing; avoid dark lipstick colors and high-contrast combinations, you like to keep makeup to a minimum


Neck: capes, boas


Legs: textured hosiery and youthful designs, colorful socks


Feet: must allow swift movements


Sunglasses: classic like aviators, oval, big


Hands: gloves, nail polish

Gemini's Best Accessories

More Gemini Celebrities

Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Fendi, Anna Sui,

Maz Azria BCBG, Alexander McQueen

Gemini's Best Designers

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