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For fashion style Leo expects admiration from fashion’s toughest critics. The universe has given you the gift of absolute personal style. You enjoy wearing flamboyant, glittery and sequined clothes; in fact, your closet is always full of great choices.

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Your ruler is the Sun; your gemstones are cat’s eye and olivine; your metal is gold.


Leo rules the upper back and the heart.


Leo’s are also provocative, generous, intuitive, and stubborn. You are proud of your achievements and carry a magnetic personality.  

Leo girls are courageous, entertaining, and protective; you love to express your creativity, like to be active which makes you spontaneous and excited thanks to your element fire; you have fire in your veins.

Leo Fashion Style

Comfort is what you last consider since your number one consideration are clothes that make you stand out.  Well-known and hot new designers are a must for you. Animal prints and exotic animal hides suit you very well. You are drawn to anything daring with a bold display of colors as long as it makes you look good. You also wear business suits well and usually wear them only wear they belong at the office. For the rest of your time you prefer to wear flowing, elegant garments and love to get them tailored to your shape.


As the Lion, it's imperative that you look the part of royalty. Leo rules the back; therefore going backless or strapless is perfect for almost any occasion and it also makes your exits just as memorable.


The best fabrics for Leo are glitzy gold fabrics, such as Lurex; however, do not wear them to often.

Jewelry: expensive and eye-catching, gold


Hair: any style, length, color, You'll purr over anything that calls attention to the Lion's mane, whether is be handcrafted barrettes, colorful rubber bands, jeweled tiaras, hats


Handbags: you like big bags for daily use and nice small to medium for the night


Face: love makeup


Neck: trendy scarves


Legs: thigh highs with or without a sexy garter, colored hose, simply    barelegged


Feet: any as long as they are hot and trendy


Sunglasses: any size and stylish


Hands: in fashion

Leo's Best Accessories

John Galliano, Christian Dior, Thierry Mugler, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace

Leo's Best Designers

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