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For fashion style Libra is the fashion maven of the zodiac – You love clothes! Always aware of the latest trends and smartest looks of the season, at that moment you decide exactly what you need to make your wardrobe complete. You have a legendary fine taste and an eye for beauty and always strive to look your best.

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Your ruler is Venus; your gemstone is the emerald, your metal is copper.


Libras rule the lower back and buttocks.


Libras are also remarkably passive, intellectuals, appreciative of all things beautiful, charming, tactful, perceptive, harmonious, people oriented, sincere, peace makers, lazy, have a codependent nature, a natural skill for diplomacy, sometimes an inability to confront problems; however, you are able to maintain balance and remain composed in intense situations and have an ability to distinguish between rational thought and emotional impulse.

Libras are all about balance, you are concerned about doing the right thing almost all the time, you think about and weigh outcomes thanks to your element air.

Libra Fashion Style

Libras style is sexy-feminine without being terribly revealing and with a touch of romanticism. You can keep an outfit for years and wear it as if it was new. You also want to make a visual impression that’s appropriate to the task at hand. Your wardrobe always gets attention because it has a real style to it. You're a trendsetter when it comes to spicing up a classical look. Always tailored and impeccable, you still manage to keep up with the hottest trends in your own way.


Your fashion items are gauzy peasant blouses, delicate linens, lacy shirts and skirts, pretty floral, feminine dresses, flowing skirts, slim-fitting pants, bell bottom hip-huggers, lean pantsuits, body suits, beaded garments, sweaters in classic black, brown/gray, long jackets, classical trench coats, short skirts with hosiery to lengthen shape. Look for items that elongate your silhouette (wear the same color throughout your outfit), any with elegant geometry-art deco look; avoid short jackets and loose fitting items.



Jewelry: lots! Indian bangles, antique rings, never wear cheap jewelry, serves to highlight your features


Hair: long, straight hair, symmetrical styles, asymmetrical can help you to downplay an uneven feature, try to keep hair styled in a downward direction


Handbags: beaded evening bags, small neutral colored bag


Face: not heavy, a balanced uniform complexion is important, light colors, and metallic sheen, classy and elegant, avoid bright lip color, impeccable


Neck: only wear scarves when it's cool and cold


Legs: simply barelegged


Feet: high heeled shoes


Sunglasses: wayfarers, small shape


Hands: manicured and colored

Libra's Best Accessories

Prada, Miu Miu, Club Monaco, Max Mara, Calvin Klein

Libra's Best Designers

The best fabrics for Libra are finely woven, well-crafted fabrics, smoothest silks, finest cashmere, most intricate lace, leather, suede camel hair, fur and exotic animal hides, sheer or see-through fabrics add more sex appeal, loose knits not too chunky

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