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For fashion style Scorpio, you make your move in clothing.  You will not be happy until your style really says what you are all about. You want to dress in a way people can look “inside” you. As a matter of fact, lingerie is one of the most favorite part of your wardrobe.

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Your ruler is Pluto; your gemstones are the turquoise and the ruby; your metals are iron and steel.


Scorpio rules the reproductive system, nervous system, upper respiratory system and intestines.


You are also exciting and fiery, obsessive, indifferent, jealous, possessive, self-critical. Like your ruler, you open your eyes to reality and the natural, have a keen interest in the physical world, death, birth and sex.

Scorpios are sexy, in a great hard to resist way. After all you are considered as the sign with the best sensual qualities. Sensual and sensitive, all part of the water characteristic of your element.

Scorpio Fashion Style

You treat your clothes as tools of seduction, in a way you are a unique trendsetter. You wear what you feel is right for the day and the occasion, and if it’s an extra special occasion you don’t mind spending the money when you find that perfect outfit for it.


Your day to day wear can go from the greatest look, to something flowing and romantic, to something professional and sleek. You like to be updated on the fashion trends, however, you only pick those that you really give a good thought to and you also love retro styles.


A word of style advise: avoid bulky garments, avoid dressing in all black (the gothic look, wanna-be-witch, new-age hippie), avoid extreme proportionate clothing, wear slim and fitted pants, skirts and dresses should fit closely as well.

Jewelry: loves belts, dramatic pieces, you tend to wear lots of jewelry or none at all


Hair: is long and luscious or short and spiky, you could wear wigs as long as how you look matches your changeable inner nature, and fun  headgear,


Handbags: you like big bags for daily use and nice small to medium for the night


Face: your look is mysterious, love intense mascara, eye-liner; you are a  master of disguise: you could wear makeup like a mask, or take it all off so those around yu think you are reavealing the bare truth


Legs: thigh highs with or without a sexy garters, colored hose, simply barelegged, any sexy hosiery


Feet: patent leather shoes, loves boots of all kinds, thigh high boots, sexy high heels


Sunglasses: dark, any style that makes you look and feel mysterious


Hands: nails painted black

Scorpio's Best Accessories

Miu Miu, Helmut Lang, Elie Saab

Scorpio's Best Designers

The best fabrics for Scorpio are shiny/glossy fabrics, fluid, sheer, w/beads, sequins, a nice fitted leather jacket.

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