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November 22 - December 21


Sagittarius Profile: 

Free spirited, optimistic, honest, fun, adventurous, outgoing, life of the party, delightful, happy, sensual, independent, philosophical, imaginative.



Bold prints and patterns suits them well, likes foreign cultures styles, also prefer clothing that is informal than dressy, free of movement, easy, effortless beauty. Their favorite clothes change from day to day. Eclectic wardrobe, trailblazer by nature.


Sagittarius best colors are pink, bright jewel tones (ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple), blue, royal blue, white, earth tones like orange, brown, and yellow.

More on Sagittarius

September of 2016 will be quite positive for tSagittarius! And it is natural, because Venus, due to its energy features, will concentrate all its negativity on the area of your feelings and emotions, there is dramatic improvement in energy levels after the 22nd. After the 7th, you get especially good results from metaphysical types of therapy: prayer, meditation and invocation. Positive thinking becomes unusually important.

Sagittarius Casual Fashionscope

Your March Fashionscopes below

Your Home and Family Planets are still retrograde, and your 10th House of Career is unusually powerful most of the month. You are reaching yearly career highs (perhaps lifetime highs) now. By the end of the month you should be where you want to be in that department and your focus will shift to your social life.

Sagittarius Career Fashionscope

Friendships and group activities are not only important this month, but for the next 12 months or so. Your love life is much improved over the past six months. With your Ruling Planet moving into romantic Libra on the 25th, you are more romantic – more open to it and more skilled in it. There is much greater harmony with your spouse or current love. Love is pursuing you. Your lover or spouse is going way out of his or her way to please you. You will dress more glamorously. Colour co-ordination will be almost a religion with you.

Sagittarius Love Fashionscope

Sagittarius Fashionscopes by Stylist Evangelina Rangel

Sagittarius Celebrities:

Scarlett Johansson, Katie Holmes, Brittney Spears.

sagittariuscelebs fashionscopesSagittariusBlk

You love sports, what better way than to firm your legs as they are you body's strong point Sagittarius.  

Sagittarius Beautyscope

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