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April 20 - May 20


Taurus Profile:


Artistic, sensual, loyal, harmonious, practical, strong-willed, mysterious, with a strong love for beauty, comfort, and fine things in life.



Her style is always with good taste, it never clashes. Tailored clothing is essential. Causal and comfortable elegance, wears clothes that give sensual pleasure. Prefers skirts and pants, short sleeves, V-necks, logo patterns, real to artificial, and layered clothing. Loves things just the way they are and looking attractive is exceptionally enjoyable.


The best colors for Taurus are nature like sandy earth tones, warm/light browns, pastels, blues. 


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Taurus Casual Fashionscope

Your November Fashionscopes below

The Solar Eclipse of the 11th impacts strongly on you, forcing long-term changes in your career and domestic situation. Perhaps you are transferred to another office and are forced to move. Or perhaps you move and are thus forced to change jobs. Take a reduced schedule a few days before and a day after the Eclipse. Don’t make rash decisions one way or the other.

Taurus Career Fashionscope

You do not feel very sociable and constant thoughts of work, obligation and worry can cloud your social and free time .Be sure to make it clear to your loved ones that nothing is really wrong, you simply may need some time. On the 22nd the Sun enters your 5th house and you begin another of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. A time to take advantage of life, a time for more leisure and recreation. You’ve had fun the whole year, but this month even more so.

Taurus Love Fashionscope

Taurus Fashionscopes by Stylist Evangelina Rangel

Taurus Celebrities:

Penelope Cruz, Uma Thurman, Kristen Dunst.

tauruscelebs fashionscopesTaurusblack

The neck is your trade mark Taurus, is never to late to start taking real care of it, and remember to keep your chin up for an extra confidence and  determination boost.

Taurus  Beautyscope

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This is a time for making psychological-type breakthroughs. This is best to live with the conditions you created in the past few months. If you have built well, life is pleasant. If there are flaws in your creation, take note and when the planetary power shifts back to the Eastern sector next year, you’ll be able to make the changes that need to be made.


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